cloudAshur Remote Management Console

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Manage and monitor your cloudAshur devices and users centrally, in real-time

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What Is the difference between all your devices?

What are the Detailed Product Specifications?

Manage and monitor your cloudAshur devices and users centrally, in real-time. The Remote Management Console provides the administrator with the following capabilities:

  • Remotely disable or reset cloudAshur devices
  • View User’s location in real-time
  • View User’s log of historical activities
  • Restrict file type access
  • Geo-fencing and Time-fencing

What is the Product Weight, Dimensions & Storage Capacity?

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License Term Per Device

1 Year, 3 Years, 5 Years

Product Overview


Gives you full control of all cloudAshur hardware security modules deployed within your organisation offering a wide range of features to manage all users.


iStorage Remote Management Console provides the Administrator full visibility and control over the following:

Remote Management Console

Temporarily disable or reset (remote kill) Users cloudAshur modules – in the event of suspicious activity or an employee leaving the organisation without returning their cloudAshur encrypiton module.
Restrict file types – control what fi le types are being uploaded and shared in the cloud (EXE, PNG, PDF, etc…)
View User’s log files – full visibility over what each User is doing in the cloud, such as, what files they are uploading,downloading, modifying, etc…
Display User’s location – You can view the location of User’s cloudAshur modules via an on-screen map.
Geofencing and Time fencing – restrict the time and location of where and when the cloudAshur encryption module can be used by each individual User.
iStorage Remote Management Console is compatible with Windows (Vista/7/8/10).

Product Technical Specifications

Compatibility iStorage Remote Management Console is compatible with Windows (Vista/7/8/10).
Ordering information IS-MC-CA-1-XXXX, IS-MC-CA-3-XXXX, IS-MC-CA-5-XXXX


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