DatAshur SSD® The world's most secure, easy to use USB 3.0 hardware encrypted Flash Drive with Secure PIN access. With Capacities up to 240GB!

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With capacities up to 240GB and advanced security features such as read-only mode, auto-lock, self-destruct PIN and brute force protection, the datAshur SSD delivers complete data security and guarantees 100% protection of your data.

  • FIPS Security 140-2 Level 3 Certified (Certificate number 2431)
  • OS and platform independent – compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Andorid, Thin Clients and Embedded Systems
  • PIN activated 7-16 digits - Alphanumeric keypad use a memorable number or word for your PIN
  • Military grade Full-disk XTS AES 256-bit Hardware Encryption
  • FIPS PUB 197 Validated Encryption Algorithm
  • No software or drivers required
  • Supports Admin and User independent PINs
  • Read-Only capabilities
  • Drive reset destroys data and recovers use of drive
  • Boot Delay Feature
  • Tough epoxy internal filling for Physical Attack Protection
  • Works with any USB/USB On-The-Go devices
  • 100% Hardware Encryption
  • Brute Force Hack Defense Feature
  • Capacities of 30GB, 60GB, 120GB & 240GB*
  • Crypto-parameters protected with SHA-256 hashing
  • Customisation service available – contact iStorage for further information
  • Self Destruct PIN Feature
  • Wear resistant Key Pad
  • Auto-lock on removal or predetermined period of inactivity
  • Dust and water resistant durable aluminum housing
  • 3 year warranty
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What is datAshur SSD®?

With software-free operation, cross-platform compatibility, USB 3.0 speed, increased capacities of up to 240GB, plus a host of high-level security features that you’d never expect to find in a flash drive, datAshur SSD brings a world of advanced data security to your fingertips. This easy to use USB 3.0 flash drive incorporates PIN access with military grade 256-bit AES hardware encryption.

How does datAshur SSD work?

Read Only Mode

Administrator mode allows the setup of a ‘Read Only’ user mode so that data can only be read from datAshur SSD protecting the data from accidental deletion and changes to the file’s content.

What is Boot Delay Feature

Use datAshur SSD as a bootable USB flash drive without the need for any configuration. datAshur Personal drives are equipped with a 10 second uninterrupted boot delay in order to accommodate power cycling during a host boot process.

FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Validated Certified (Certificate number 2431)

The datashur SSD is certified to meet the U.S. government standards for information technology and computer security. NIST FIPS 140 is the cryptography standard program required by the US federal government for protection of sensitive data.

The datAshur SSD’s FIPS 140-2 validation covers 11 areas of its cryptographic security system, including physical security, cryptographic key management and design integrity. Available in four levels, the datAshur SSD’s FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certification encompasses both the datAshur SSD’s physical tamper-resistant features as well as its identity-based authentication.

Utilizes Military Grade 256-bit AES XTS Hardware Encryption

All data on the datAshur SSD is encrypted on-the-fly with the built-in XTS-AES 256-bit hardware encryption.

Onboard Alphanumeric Keypad Prevents Hardware and Software Key Logging

Using a rechargeable battery, the datAshur SSD enables the user to unlock the drive with a 7-16 digit PIN BEFORE connecting to the USB port on your computer, tablet or mobile device. The embedded keypad prevents hardware and software key logging attempts to capture your password entered via the host system.

Software-Free Design

With no admin rights to contend with, the datAshur SSD is a breeze to implement.

Independent User and Admin PINs

The datAshur SSD can be configured with independent User and Admin PINs, making it ideal for corporate and government deployment. If the User forgets their PIN, the drive can be unlocked using the Admin PIN which can then clear the forgotten User PIN and allow for the User to set a new PIN.

Drive Reset Feature

The datAshur SSD also includes a drive reset feature which clears both User and Admin PINs, destroys the data, creates a new randomly generated encryption key and allows the drive to be reused. The datAshur SSD is capable of generating an infinite number of randomly generated encryption keys, allowing the user to reset the drive as often as required.

Dust and Water Resistant Durable Aluminum Housing - IP58 Certification (pending)

Protecting data goes well beyond encryption. Tough enough to go anywhere, the datAshur SSD's resilient design makes it perfect for travel and field applications. With its rugged, extruded aluminum crush-resistant casing, the datAshur SSD is tamper evident and well-protected against physical damage.

The Ingress Protection (IP) rating is an international standard that tests electrical products against two main environmental factors, liquids and dust. The testing is done independently by a 3rd party and involves two separate tests. In order to receive the certification, the datAshur SSD was subjected to a dust chamber for 8 hours and submerged in a water tank at 1 meter for 30 minutes, after which the datAshur SSD was tested for functionality, and inspected for water and dust in its electronics.

Sealed from Physical Attacks by Tough Epoxy Coating

The internal drive components are completely protected by a super tough epoxy compound, making it virtually impossible to remove without causing permanent damage to the electronics. This barrier prevents a potential hacker from accessing the encryption circuitry and launching a variety of potential attacks.

Brute Force Self Destruct Feature

As the datAshur SSD is unlocked using its own keypad and not via a keyboard, it is not vulnerable to software/hardware based key-loggers or brute force attacks. In addition the datAshur SSD further protects your data with a programmable “Brute Force Hack Defense Mechanism” which deletes the encryption key and destroys all stored data if the incorrect PIN is entered up to a total of 20 consecutive times.

Unattended Auto Lock feature

The datAshur SSD automatically locks once you unplug the drive from your computer's USB port or power to the USB port is turned off or after a pre-programmed period of inactivity

Wear Resistant Key Pad

Designed with protection in mind, the entire iStorage family incorporates‘wear resistant’ keypads to hide key usage and avoid tipping off a potential hacker to the commonly used keys.

Lock Override Mode

Designated for specific cases in which the datAshur SSD needs to remain unlocked through USB port re-enumeration such as during reboot, or passing through a virtual machine. With the toughness and security you'd expect from iStorage, the datAshur SSD brings new features, speed, and storage capacities that you'd never expect in a flash drive.

What is the difference between software and hardware encryption?

Software encryption:

  • Complex passwords can be cracked easily and quickly with a Brute Force Attack
  • Simple password cracking software is readily available on the internet, often free of charge
  • Software encryption is vulnerable to key loggers where every key pressed is logged in either a software or hardware key logger
  • Software encryption can be corrupted by viruses
  • Software encryption is much slower when compared to hardware encryption
  • Software encryption needs to be installed on each computer that the external storage device is used on
  • Software encryption shares computers resources to encrypt data with other programs on the computer, making it only as safe as your computer.

Hardware encryption:

  • The datAshur SSD cannot be brute force attacked
  • The datAshur SSD is not vulnerable to keyloggers as the PIN is entered on the unit rather than the keyboard
  • The datAshur SSD does not require any software and can be used on any PC, MAC, Linux, Android or Symbian system
  • Encryption is performed in real-time thus there is no speed degradation
  • No software or drivers are required
Capacity 30GB, 60GB, 120GB & 240GB *
Data Transfer Rate Up to 195MB per second read.
Up to 162MB per second write.
Dimensionswith sleeve 95.5mm x 24.5mm x 12.6mm
Dimensions without sleeve 93mm x 24.5mm x 12.6mm
Weight 46 grams
Interface Super Speed USB 3.0 backward compatible with USB 2.0 / 1.1
Operating System compatibility Windows, MAC OS, Linux, Android, Thin Clients & Embedded systems
Hardware Data Encryption Real time military grade XTS-AES 256-bit hardware encryption
Encryption Keys 256-bit Hardware
Hashing 256-bit SHA
Approvals FIPS 140-2 Level 3 (Pending), FIPS Pub 197 Validation, IP58

We bly recommend that you carefully read the User Manual, shipped with the device or available for download on our website before contacting us for technical support. There are no 'Back Doors' to our products, we cannot retrieve a forgotten PIN or retrieve any data off the drives unless the PIN is known. Below are answers for the most frequently asked questions:


Before the drive can be used, the Admin PIN MUST be set. This Admin PIN can be used to access the drive or set any Admin mode features of the drive. Creating the Admin PIN:
  • Awaken the drive by pressing the UNLOCK Button. The BLUE and GREEN LEDs will be a solid.
  • Press UNLOCK and the number 9 button at the same time. The LEDs will change to a solid BLUE and blinking GREEN.
  • Enter the PIN that you will use for the Admin PIN ensuring that your PIN meets the requirements as per "What is an Admin or User PIN" below, then press the UNLOCK Button. If accepted the GREEN LED will blink, (continute to step 4).The RED LED will blink if it does not meet the requirements as per "What is an Admin or User PIN" below and return to a solid BLUE and blinking GREEN (restart from step 2).
  • Re-enter the new Admin PIN and if accepted the GREEN LED should blink for 1 second. The drive will then return to a solid BLUE.
  • The drive is now in Admin mode and any Admin features can be set (e.g. adding a new User PIN etc.)
  • To exit Admin mode, press the LOCK Button. The drive will return to standby mode.
  • If no action is taken for 30 seconds, the drive will lock into a sleep mode.


Please follow this procedure:

  • Press and hold UNLOCK and number 0 button at the same time for five seconds until the RED LED blinks. (This indicates that you can enter the Admin PIN)
  • Enter the Admin PIN and press the UNLOCK button.
  • Admin Mode is indicated by a solid BLUE LED.
  • To exit Admin Mode, either allow 30 seconds of inactivity or press the LOCK button.


There is no other way to retrieve the Admin PIN. You will have to do a complete reset of the datAshur SSD. After a complete reset, all data will be lost and you will need to create a new Admin PIN (procedure above) and format the datAshur SSD manually.


The datAshur SSD allows enrollment of 1 unique Admin and 1 User ID. If a user forgets their PIN, the datAshur SSD can be unlocked using the Admin PIN.


For an ordinary users we recommend to have just one PIN code i.e. Admin PIN, whereas in a corporate environment we bly suggest creating an Admin PIN and a User PIN. When in admin mode you will be able to add or change the User PIN code.

  • Enter the Admin Mode (press and hold the UNLOCK and the number 0 button at the same time for five seconds) - the RED LED will blink
  • Enter the Admin PIN and press UNLOCK Button - the BLUE LED will turn solid
  • Press UNLOCK and the number 1 button at the same time. The LEDs will turn to solid BLUE and blinking GREEN
  • Enter a new User PIN and press UNLOCK Button ensuring that your PIN meets the requirements as per "What is an Admin or User PIN" below. The GREEN LED blinks three times, the LEDs then return to a solid BLUE and blinking GREEN
  • Re-enter the User PIN and press UNLOCK Button. If the GREEN LED stays solid for three seconds followed by solid BLUE, the User PIN was accepted.

The drive has now returned to Admin mode.

The RED LED will blink three times if the entry does not match. The drive will return to a solid BLUE and blinking GREEN (restart from step 4).


Use your Admin PIN to enter Admin Mode, and then create another User PIN in Admin Mode.


The PIN (Personal Identification Number) can be changed to almost any number that is desired.

To create your New User PIN follow the instructions below:

  • The New User PIN must be 7 to 16 digits in length
  • The New User PIN cannot contain all of the same numbers (3-3-3-3-3-3-3)
  • The New User PIN cannot contain all consecutive numbers (1-2-3-4-5-6-7), (7-6-5-4-3-2-1)

You can create a word, name, phrase or any other alphanumerical PIN combination by simply pressing the key with the corresponding letters on it.

Examples of these types of PIN CODES are: For Password1 you would press the following keys: 7(pqrs) 2(abc) 7(pqrs) 7(pqrs) 9(wxyz) 6(mno) 7(pqrs) 3(def) 1 For iStorage you would press: 4(ghi) 7(pqrs) 8(tuv) 6(mno) 7(pqrs) 2(abc) 4(ghi) 3(def) Using this method, long and easy to remember PIN CODES can be created.


The datAshur SSD® has an internal rechargeable battery with a smartcharging circuit. For safety, each datAshur SSD ships with a partial charge.

Although the drive can be used out of the box, we recommend inserting the datAshur SSD into a powered USB port for 80 minutes to fully charge the battery.

The battery will automatically charge whenever it is inserted into a powered USB port, regardless of its operational mode. In standby mode, the RED LED blinks to indicate charging and turns solid RED to indicate that it�s fully charged.

Even if the battery is fully discharged you can still continue to use the drive by following the instructions below:

  • Connect the datAshur SSD drive to a USB port on any computer
  • While connected to the computer, enter the User or Admin PIN to unlock the drive
  • While connected to the USB port, the internal battery will automatically charge - this is shown by a blinking RED LED


As a full disk encryption product, the datAshur SSD can never be used without a PIN.


In case the Admin PIN is forgotten, or if you would like to delete all data stored on the drive and configure a New Admin PIN, the RESET process will clear the Admin and User PIN, the encryption key and all data will be destroyed.

To perform a complete reset of the drive do the following:

  • Press and hold LOCK and UNLOCK together with the number 2 button at the same time for 10 seconds. The RED and BLUE LEDs blink alternately followed by the GREEN LED turning solid for three seconds
  • The drive then returns into blinking BLUE and RED
  • When released the BLUE and GREEN LEDs will be solid.
  • A new Admin PIN will need to be created and the drive will need to be formatted.

You have successfully reset the datAshur SSD. When the datAshur SSD drive is reset the following occurs:

  • A new encryption key is generated
  • The User and Admin PINs are deleted
  • All the data on the datAshur SSD drive is deleted
  • A new Admin PIN will need to be created
  • The datAshur SSD drive will need to be formatted


You need to initialize, allocate the drive letter and format the datAshur SSD manually. For Mac, Linux, Android please refer to your OS formatting requirements or datAshur SSD user manual.


Ensure that you have administrator privileges. You will need Admin privileges to use the Disk Management Utility (Windows OS).


In case that the RED LED is blinking at the rate of 3 times per second this indicates that somebody has tried to access the datAshur SSD and the code has been entered 10 times incorrectly (see Brute Force section of the manual.)


The datAshur SSD drives comes preformatted with NTFS file system for Windows OS. This will allow you to use the datAshur SSD drive on Windows machines.

For Mac OS X systems you will need to format the drive through the Disk Utility for Mac.

What is BadUSB and are iStorage devices susceptible to this exploit?

BadUSB is a theoretical exploit that was presented by SR Labs at the Black Hat conference in August of 2014. SR Labs demonstrated a vulnerability in one USB device that allowed malicious code to be programmed into the USB controller through a firmware update process. The attack described is very sophisticated and in the case of iStorage products would require advanced knowledge of our USB controller, a leaked version of our firmware, the programming tool to update our controller, the password used for our programming tool, and an in depth understanding of the device's functionality, etc. According to SR Labs, the failsafe method to eliminate this threat is to simply disable the ability to update the controller's firmware. Many of iStorage devices shipping today, including all of our USB 3.0 security products already have the firmware locked which prevents field updates to the USB controller. As a continuous improvement, iStorage is locking down the firmware on all USB controlles used in iStorage devices to safeguard against this vulnerability. We recommend checking our website periodically for notices regarding BadUSB and Security Updates.


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