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Australia's Largest Bank Lost The Personal Financial Histories Of 12 Million Customers. The Commonwealth Bank lost the personal financial histories of 12 million customers, and chose not to reveal the breach to consumers, in one of the largest financial services privacy breaches ever to occur in Australia.

Mandatory data breach reporting starts for small business. More than half of Australian small business owners are blissfully unaware that new laws around mandatory reporting of data breaches that come into play on Thursday could attract crippling fines, research shows.

Defence Force hacked: Top secret technical information stolen. AN INVESTIGATION into an Australian Defence Force hack has revealed almost anybody could have penetrated its securtiy due to a simple password fail.

Australia finally has mandatory data breach notification. Australia will have a mandatory data breach notification scheme in place within the year after several aborted attempts, following the passage of legislation through the senate today.

From cybercrime to cyber warfare: Australia woefully unprepared. Daily cyber attacks mean it is time to collaborate for what threatens to be a long battle.

Mumbai cyber security breach a case of 'buyer beware', former spy boss warns. Australia's former top spy has warned companies doing business with foreign call centres and data storage providers to do their homework before sending sensitive information offshore.

Cyber attacks could cost the Aussie economy $16 billion. Cyber breaches and attacks in major Australian cities could cost the economy up to US$16 billion, according to Lloyd’s, the world’s specialist insurance and reinsurance market.

Australian companies 'open to cyber crime'. Australian companies could risk becoming "low-hanging fruit" for cyber criminals due to a lack of education and an unwillingness to properly deal with threats.

Delayed Australian data breach notification bill lands. Australians will be informed of certain breaches of their personal information under new laws being proposed...

Bureau of Meteorology computers breached, ABC reports. Australia's Bureau of Meteorology has reportedly had its computer systems breached.

'Unrelenting' cyber threats rising. The first report from the Australian Cyber Security Centre warns of increasing cybercrime threats that are becoming more difficult to defend.

This is how much data breaches are costing. The cost of data breaches is rising for companies around the world as sophisticated thieves target valuable financial and medical records, according to a new study.

Transport for London (TfL) has adopted ultra-secure USB flash drives to ensure that its data is protected in the event of the loss or theft of portable devices. DatAshur USB flash drives will now be used as standard by TfL staff for transporting data on the move...

Survey probes data security in education sector. A study from iStorage shows that lack of encryption on portable storage devices is putting sensitive education sector data at risk from exposure...

Australia, reaching for more metadata, lets some slip... Australian Federal Police accidentally allowed private metadata connected to a criminal investigation to be posted online, a lawmaker said on Thursday, a potentially embarrassing...

Cupid Media exposed 254,000 Australian lonely hearts... Australian online dating company Cupid Media breached the Privacy Act by failing to take reasonable steps to secure the personal information of 254,000 Australians held on its dating websites, the privacy commissioner has found...

Australia’s Federal Privacy Act Gives Watchdog Teeth. Laws covering data protection and privacy exist in the majority of developed economies, and most such laws have been around since...

Privacy Act changes increase demand for secure storage...

Telstra breaches privacy of thousands of customers. Telstra breached the privacy of 15,775 customers when their information was made publicly available on the internet between...

Barclays customer data 'stolen and sold', newspaper says. Investigations have been launched after a report that thousands of confidential files with Barclays Bank customers details had been stolen and sold.

74,000 Data Records Breached on Stolen Coca-Cola Laptops. Coca-cola admitted Friday to the theft of an unspecified number of laptops containing personal information on 74,000 individuals...

We should replace the word cloud with somebody else's computer says security expert. Replacing all instances of the word "cloud" with "somebody else's computer" might make organisations stop and think about the security implications of cloud computing.

29 October 2013
How your business should prepare for tougher privacy laws. This month’s finding that internet service provider AAPT breached the Privacy Act by failing to protect customer data from hacker group 'Anonymous' serves as a warning for businesses to assess their information security, ahead of tougher privacy laws in force from March 12, 2014.

24 October 2013
Europe toughens privacy law - up to €100 m fines. The UK is facing much tougher data protection laws to forbid mass surveillance, after the EU voted to impose fines of up to five per cent of turnover or €100 million for companies breaching the rules.

21 October 2013
Some Australian businesses unaware of Privacy Act changes: survey Thirty-five per cent of 200 IT managers interviewed did not know about the amendments.

15 October 2013
AAPT breached Privacy Act The Australian Privacy Commissioner, Timothy Pilgrim, has found AAPT Limited breached the Privacy Act for failing to adequately protect customer data from unauthorised access.

08 October 2013
Australia's privacy laws get tough Don’t believe the tech giants that try to tell us privacy is dead. Changes to privacy laws that come into effect on 12 March next year mean that companies found to have breached the law face fines of up to A$1.7 million.

26 September 2013
Small businesses must encrypt customer data, says ICO. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has told small businesses to make sure they encrypt customer data after a sole trader was fined for failing to do so.

26 September 2013
Jala Transport, a small money-lending business, fined £5,000 by ICO after theft of unencrypted hard drive with customer data. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has served a monetary penalty notice on Jala Transport, a small money-lending business, after the theft of an unencrypted portable hard drive containing its customer database. The firm was regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) at the time of the incident.

25 September 2013
The New KISS Rule: Keep Information Security Simple. "Complexity is the worst enemy of security." Bruce Schneier said that in relation to the challenge of securing increasingly complex IT environments, but the same can be said of information security solutions themselves.

18 September 2013
Swisscom embarrassed by sensitive data leak. Switzerland’s biggest telecommunications provider Swisscom has launched a criminal complaint after tapes containing company data were stolen and passed on to a Swiss newspaper.

22 July 2013
Kingston University adopts robust portable data security standard.

15 July 2013
Employees are the biggest threat to cyber security, says report. The number one threat of data loss doesn't come from cyber criminals and hackers - but from businesses' own employees, according to newly released research.

25 June 2013
IT departments failing to protect sensitive data on mobile devices. Businesses risk failure to comply with privacy and data protection laws due to the rise of "regulated data" being accessed via smartphone and tablet devices.

10 June 2013
CeBIT Australia 2013 Survey Results.

20 May 2013
Telstra probed over privacy blunder. The federal privacy commissioner has launched an investigation into a Telstra data breach which saw thousands of customer names, telephone numbers and home and business addresses show up in a Google search.

27 March 2013
How Private Data Became Public on Amazon's Cloud. Companies that use Amazon's popular cloud computing service have accidentally disclosed confidential information including sales records and source code, highlighting the risks of moving sensitive data to the Web, according to new research.

14 January 2013
Unknown hackers stealing EU files for past five years. Russian Internet security firm Kaspersky Lab says unknown hackers have been stealing EU and Nato-encrypted files.

11 January 2013
Canada Student Loans. We've lost personal information for more than half a million borrowers.

9 January 2013
iStorage USB flash drive achieves IT security ultimate seal of approval.

9 January 2013
The world's most secure, easy to use and affordable USB Flash Drive is now FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Certified.

2 January 2013
BitLocker, PGP and TrueCrypt encryption weakened by new attack tool. Volume dumps create potential vulunerability.

8 December 2012
Secret Service launches investigation into 'immense' security breach as computer files left on metro.

27 November 2012
New survey reveals two-thirds of IT professionals putting data at risk.

27 June 2012
Latest survey at Infosec 2012 highlights rising trend in data loss among IT pros.

23 January 2012
Alarming trend in incidents of data loss among IT experts revealed.

19 December 2011
IT experts admit to carelessness despite increased data loss concerns.

10 November 2011
Digital security specialist iStorage launches world's most secure USB stick.